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Modernization of Russia

Holy Russia - Third Rome
The new subject of international law, the State Holy Russia - Third Rome, 21.09.2013.

Nova Church of Holy Russia
Orthodoxy and Christianity require reforming and release of heresy and obscurantism. 21.09.2011.

The Seljuk Dynasty Origin New!!!
The author put forward a hypothesis according to which the Seljuk’s Sultans came from the Princes of the Russ – Rurikovich Kin, who eventually converted to Islam. The hypothesis was fully confirmed by the identification of the main historical figures of the Seljuk dynasty with the descendants of the Princes St. Vladimir and Yaroslav the Wise. We are talking about the rulers of Sultanate of Rum Sultan Suleiman and his descendants, as well as Tuqaq, Seljuk, Mikail, Israel, Toghrul, Alp Arslan and other Sultans. Princes and their sons from the Principality of Tmutarakan became Seljuk’s Sultans, from where they conquered the countries and peoples of the Caucasus, Iran, Asia Minor and Central Asia. 24.05–12.06.2023.

Synchronization of historical and religious Chronicles
The author correctly synchronizes historical and religious Chronicles of the Ancient World based on a short chronology and linking events to unique celestial phenomena reflected in the annals and Scriptures. The author believes that discrepancies in dates, geographical localities and ethnic origin of historical and religious figures are due to erroneous traditional chronology and historical geography, as well as the deliberate adaptation of phenomena and events to an established paradigm. 20.04–25.05.2020.

Astronomical dating of Biblical events
The author's reconstruction of the history and chronology of religions is fully verified by identifying 15 celestial phenomena described in the Chronicles, including 11 Solar Eclipses, 3 Zodiacs and 1 Supernova. A chronological shift of 1780 years in the history of Ancient Egypt has been confirmed for 6 phenomena, including 3 Solar Eclipses and 3 Zodiacs, including the Eclipse of Pharaoh Takelot on August 8, 891. Astronomically confirmed the date of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ as March 18, 1010, and the date of death of Ibrahim – the son of the Prophet Muhammad as February 7, 1152 (28 Shawwal 546 AH). 20.02–31.03.2020.

Origin of the gens Rurik
After the break of ties between the metropolis and the Russian principalities, the annals of Byzantium were cleared of the mention of "foreigners" in the management of the Empire, and the Chronicles of Russia did not have time to properly reflect the role of Rurik in world history. A study of the sources of Ancient Rome, New Rome, Russia, Arab countries, Danube and Volga Bulgaria allowed the author to identify the Russ gens and Bulgarian Khagans with the Flavian dynasty, as well as to identify Rurik, his descendants and relatives from the Macedonian dynasty (IX–XI century) and dynasty of Lecapenus (X century). The last Russian Emperor of New Rome been Yaroslav the Wise, throne name Constantine Monomachos. 11.09–21.10.2019.

Chronology of monotheistic religions
The author identified the Patriarchs of monotheism with well-known figures of human history. He proved that the oldest religion of monotheism is Christianity, which had a theoretical character in the I Millennium (Old Testament Christianity) and a practical embodiment at the beginning of the II Millennium (New Testament Christianity). Islam and Judaism emerged only in the early VII century and became radical branches of Christianity. Based on the study of solar eclipses, the author has determined the date and place of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (March 18, 1010 in Constantinople), the year of the death of the Prophet Muhammad (1152) and the period creation of the Quran (1130–1152). 01–27.08.2019.

Localization of Ancient Rome
The history of Ancient Rome is well studied, but hides a lot of inconsistencies and contradictions relating to the period of formation of the city and the expansion of the Romans into the world. We believe that the problems are caused by ignorance of the true localization of Ancient Rome in the Volga region on Akhtuba until the Fire on 64 and move city to location of Veii in Italy. The article also considers the aspects of ethnic origin of the peoples of the Latin League, Ancient Rome and Europe. The vector of expansion of Ancient Rome from the Volga region to the Europe coinciding with the migration flows of the Migration Period and the spread of PIE is substantiated. In addition the article considers the dynamics of growth and decline of the population of Ancient Rome in the localities from its inception to sunset and transformation. 23.06–16.07.2019.

Short chronology of Ancient Egypt
The history of Ancient Egypt generated in XIX century, every day finds out all greater discrepancy to modern realities both the newest archeological and tool data, including results of DNA researches of mummies of the Egyptian pharaohs. The chronology of Egypt as whole is considered well investigated and however it has been created for substantiation of an antiquity of Jewish people, instead of for scientific description of one of most ancient terrestrial civilizations. Author's reconstruction of chronology of Ancient Egypt has found out time shift at rate 1780 years in depth of centuries from true dating events. 1-16.06.2019.

Great Tartary or Slavic Empire
The next riddle of world historiography is solved. Present clause is devoted to history and modern condition of one of the most grandiose empires of terrestrial civilization – Great Tartary or Slavic Empires. 04–19.09.2017.

The European Aryans
In present clause the broad audience of the questions connected to probable Aryan origin of various European peoples is considered. Including aspects of possible an Aryan origin of Slavs and prospects of presence by these of special way to world around are considered. 25.02.2017 - 24.03.2017.

Summarizing of Zemsky Sobor 2016 (Land Assembly 2016)
Within the framework of carrying out Zemsky Sobor 2016 (Land Assembly 2016) on elections of Grand Prince of All Russia four Nominees have been put forward. The overwhelming majority of voices have been given for Nominee Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev. Will of God and decision of participants of Assembly, Zemsky Sobor 2016 has elected lifelong Grand Prince of All Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich. 11.05.2016.

Yaroslavl’s Princes Rurikovich
In clause is described family tree of Grand Princes of Yaroslavl and their descendants, it is the senior branch of the Kin of Russ – Rurikovich, going back to Mstislav Great Monomachos. Kin of the Grand Princes of Yaroslavl have continued by Princes Grand Kubensky – Kubarev. 22.02.2016–11.03.2016.

All truth about Saint Prince Vladimir
In clause the all truth about Saint Prince Vladimir which is ignored Orthodox and Romanov’s historians, communistic historical science and their modern adepts, fabricating myths about Russ with « good intentions » opens without denominations. The kin of Russ - Rurikovich has created Orthodoxy and the Russian statehood, Russian people began to forget about it. Glory to Russ! 07-17.07.2015.

Brief chronology of religions
The report at XXX International conference on problems of the Civilization, 25.04.2015, Moscow, RosNoU. In the clause the final Chronological Tables of Ancient Egypt, Ancient and New Rome, Rome in Italy, Christianity, Islam and Judaism are submitted. 25.04.2015.

Canons of Orthodoxy of XIV century and the present time
The report at XXIX International conference on problems of the Civilization, 20.12.2014, Moscow, RosNoU. In the report the comparative analysis of canons of Orthodoxy of XIV century (1315-1321), displayed on mosaics and frescos of Church of Chorus in Istanbul, and modern doctrines are made. Numerous differences of events of the Holy Legend and the Gospel of the past and the present are found out. 20.12.2014.

Ethnic threats to peoples of Russia
In clause political, economic, cultural and religious aspects of consequences of ethnic opposition of radical peoples of Russia and new coming Slavic population formed as result of violent Slavic expansion in Russia in days of the Mongolian yoke are considered. The historical reasons of occurrence of ethnic contradictions are investigated, estimations of modern condition of problem (Chechelevskaya and Lubotinskaya Republics in 1905, Donetsk national republic and Lugansk national republic in 2014 in territory of Ukraine) are given and offers on decrease in escalation of ethnic opposition in territory of Eurasia are made. 09.06 - 05.07.2014.

Attribution of Rurikovich and Emperors Lecapenus
The report at XXVIII International Conference on problems of the Civilization is 26.04.2014, Moscow, RosNoU. In clause it is described detailed attribution of Ugrian Tsars with Emperors of Ancient and New Rome and Patriarches of terrestrial civilization. It is scientifically proved origins of all patriarches of monotheism and Emperors Flavius and Lecapenus from kint of Ugrian Tsars of Russ (Great), is the ethnic Finn-Ugrian from Volga region. 23.03.2014 – 24.04.2014.

Putin's Eurasian impasse
Vladimir Putin and Uniform Russia realize the Eurasian project, involving Russia and Russian people during stagnation and backlogs from World Civilization. They create Gog and Magog Empire, menacing to world peace. Why the Kremlin authority has not asked Russian Slavs – they want to live in the Asian country or to be safe Europeans? 14-22.01.2014.

Projections of the God in symbols of religion
As result of studying the extensive visual material created by 3D modeling, we have proved existence of uniform source of an origin of Projections of the God, that is religious symbolic of people. The source or quantum object refers to the Chariot of the God. We believe that on the basis of our researches, it will be possible to organize training to travel on the Universe of space navigators from the most gifted people and to create spaceships with engines as the described quantum generator is Chariots of the God or the Chariot of Cube. 25–30.08.2013.

Origin and migration of Slavs
Historical and genetic routes of migrations of the Slavs, calculated with the help from ancient Byzantium, European, Chinese, Arabian, Bulgarian and Russian chronicles and annals, and also modern researches of man's DNA chromosomes. 01-21.05.2013.

Empires of cousins of Russ
The report at scientific XXVI International conference on problems of the Civilization 26-27.04.2013, Moscow, RosNoU. In article five world Empires of cousins of Russ (Great) existing in our era on open spaces of Eurasia with cyclicity of occurrence once in 300 years are described.

Hungarian Kingdom of Russ
It is continuation of research of dynastic communications of Rurikovich. Cousin of Rurik Almysh/Almos and his children Kazan/Kurszan and Arbat/Arpad, it is all ethnic Ugrian of Russ, have based at the end of IX century – beginning of X century the Hungarian kingdom of Russ, having grasped Great Moravia. 08-11.01.2013.

Reconstruction of dynastic communications of Rurikovich in IX-XI centuries
Report at anniversary scientific XXV International conference on problems of civilization at 21-22.12.2012, RosNoU, Moscow. Corrected at 03.01.2013.

Educated Christianity of Russ
Bible – the Old Testament and the New Testament has exhausted itself. Forged the Scripts and the Sacred Legend cannot serve more as a spiritual reference point for promotion of mankind forward on the river of time. It is allowable to use only spiritual – moral potential of the ancient products being product of national creativity of Jews and Catholics, instead of divine revelations. The chronology of Bible events, an ethnic accessory of patriarchs of mankind, names, geography and original languages of heroes of the Bible do not correspond to the validity. Bible miracles have the quantum nature in the basis and submit to laws of a universe. Educated Christianity of Russ restore the religious both destroyed obscurantists religious and scientific knowledge of Christianity and revolutionary role of religion in history of civilization. 26.08. – 12.10.2012.

True Empty Tomb
Nova Church of Sacred Russia and Sacred Russ, Princes of Russia congratulates mankind on presence of True Empty Tomb and restoration of the religious and historical truth. The true has triumphed forever. 20-29.05.2012.

Orthodoxy and Islam in Old Russia
The report at XXIV International scientific conference on problems of the Civilization in Russian New University on April 20-21, 2012.

Day of Church Slavonic writing. Russ Cyril and Methodius.
In this significant holiday of Day of Church Slavonic writing and remembering Equal Apostles Sacred Cyril and Methodius, Princes of Russ convincingly ask Russian Orthodox Church and the public of the orthodox countries to return to sources and correctly to name the writing, language and church books Russian, but not Slavic. Ancient Russia was the Finno-Ugric state created by Russ Christians Rurik and Igor, Cyril and Methodius, Askold and Dir, Prophetic Oleg and Sacred Olga, Sacred Vladimir and Empress Anna Macedonian. 24.05.2011.

Wars of Russ in IX-XI centuries
In article on a rich actual material it is shown, that all wars of Russ with Byzantium in 836-1043 have been connected to deduction of a throne of empire by Russian party of Constantinople headed by the Macedonian dynasty of Russ. To the author it is proved, that two centuries co-emperors of New Rome were Great Princes Rurikovich. Last Russian emperor Jaroslav Mudry known in Tsar Grad as Constantine Monomakh was. The report at scientific XXII International conference on problems of the Civilization 22-23.04.2011, Moscow, RosNoU.

Genetic distances between cousins Rurikovich
The report at scientific XXII International Conference on problems of the Civilization, on April 22-23, 2011, RosNoU, Moscow, Russia. 24.04.2011.

Slavic-Mongolian invasion to Russia
Results of our research of an origin of Slavs have not simply scientific, but political value. In view of the received data it is necessary to form the weighed policy of interethnic and inter religious attitudes in Russia and the world. The modern hobby of Russian Slavs Rodoverie, the Aries origin and the contemptuous attitude to inhabitants of Central Asia, Caucasus, Mongolia, China and other regions of the world bears a system and logic mistake. Rodoverie in general it is senseless, in fact ancestors Rodoverian in Russia and Ukraine have left Central Asia and were Kirghiz, Altaian’s, Tajik’s, Pashtun’s, Uyghur’s and Juan-Juan, and completely not blond demigods. 12-18.03.2011.

Old Rome and Italic union of the Volga region
The scientific article on an extensive historical material proves that Ancient Rome has been created by Finno-Ugric tribe’s of Italic union of the Volga region (Idel, Bulgar). Italic peoples Vestini (Vesi), Marsi (Merya), Lucani (Lucane), Marrucini (Marri) and others till now live on Volga. Finno-Ugric named Latinas (Latinyanami) German peoples of the Volga region, differently Altyn-ami that means Gold literally. Fortress Alba Longo was called Altynbash, and Volga region Rome – Ulak-Urum. Southwest capital of Finno-Ugric of Idel was city Phanagoria or the Finn–Ugoria, being in antiquities capital Bosporus Empire and Great Bulgaria was. The web of lies of the western falsifiers of history how many would not be twisted, but to it all the same there comes the end. 10-21.02.2011.

Correct genographic
We have proved fidelity Bulgarian theory of an origin of mankind. She proves to be true a natural vector of moving of people on a planet from the Volga region in all parties of Eurasia, and there from to Africa, Australia and America. All peoples and races of the world have taken place from Hindi-European, namely – from ethnic Finno-Ugric. 01-07.02.2011.

Correct DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology
Scientific article of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev on DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology is submitted to your attention. The author has created formulas with which help it is possible to define precisely time of life of the general ancestor and an epoch of formation of various languages. These formulas have received the name of Kubarev’s formula. With the help of mathematical calculations, Valeriy Kubarev has proved fidelity Barrow of Hypothesis of Maria Gimbutas and own reconstruction of a history of the world. We hope that results of research will find wide application in DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology. 04-14.01.2011.

Genealogy and genetics of Princes of Russia
The report of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev at XXI International Conference on problems of the Civilization 25.12.2010. Valeriy Kubarev's scientific article describes genetics of Rurikovich and Sorts of Russia. Grand Prince has scientifically defined modal haplotype of Rurik, Gedimin, Russ Aydar, Kubrat, Flavius and has theoretically described modal haplotype of Alexander Great, Jesus Christ Zlatoust, Prophet Mohammed and Genghis Khan. All these well-known people ethnically Finno-Ugrian from the Sort of Russ. 25.12.2010.

What do we celebrate on November 4? Loss of the national sovereignty...
National voting or voting of national representatives is unacceptable for elections of Tsar and Grand Duke, in fact tsar from the God, and the voice of people is not a voice Divine. Elections of Grand Duke only voting of Princes – patrimonial aristocracy of Russia are possible. 08-21.11.2010.

Turn of the Earth promptly comes nearer
This is article with the analysis of abnormal geophysical and climatic activity on a planet. 09-12.09.2010.

Baltavar – a symbol of Christianity, an Islam and Judaism
Petrarca: « When people will address to the history, his greatness come to live » 30-31.03.2010

History of Russ about 3506 BC till 2012
Kubarev V.V.'s report, History of Russ about 3506 BC till 2012. Section «Civilization aspects of the Russian history and chronology». Tenth International scientific conference «Civilization of knowledge: global crisis and an innovative choice of Russia», Moscow, April 24-25, 2009, RosNOU.

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Whose fault is it?

The Catechon Paradigm as an instrument of the Antichrist New!!!
In the article, the author examines the current state of the catechon paradigm and the practice of using the provisions of the concept in the political and public life of the Russian Federation. According to the author, the idea of the catechon in Russia was intercepted by the forces of evil and used as a screen to cover their deeds. Today, the catechon paradigm has become an instrument of the Antichrist and his adherents to gain world domination. The only resource for Lucifer’s conquest of the world is sinful people whom he can attract under his banners. As successful as his deception and seduction will be, so strong and numerous will be the army of Satan. 05–17.12.2022.

Impairment of Orthodoxy New!!!
In the article, the author has carried out a retrospective analysis of the events and processes that led to the impairment and transformation of the canons of Orthodoxy and the patristic tradition of Russian Christianity. Prohibitions and reliance on the good intentions of opportunists within the body of the church led to a natural distortion of the teaching. As a result, the Orthodox Church became vulnerable to the pressure of Lucifer's lies and deception and ceased to be a source of life. 30.09–25.11.2022.

Features of Christianity in Cappadocia New!!!
The usual facts for Cappadocia were the proximity of male and female Monasteries and their communication. The plots and frescoes of the Churches were created no earlier than the first quarter of the XI century. The isomorphic images of St. George, Theodore Stratelates and Theodore Tiron have come down to us. According to the author, St. George became a collective image of the Saints Constantine the Great and the two Theodores. The fresco of the Serpent Church depicts Onuphrius the Great as a hermaphrodite, which the Church is trying to forget. On the face of the purposeful distortion by Christianity of the Holy Tradition, led by the Holy Spirit, and the removal from the original sources. 05–28.08.2022.

Emperors Lekapenos(920–945)
Based on a thorough analysis of the chronicles of New Rome, Ancient Russia, Great Bulgaria and Arab sources, the author has justified the Finno–Ugric origin of the Macedonian Dynasty and the Lekapenos Dynasty. The details of the biographies, names, dates of rule and family ties of dozens of Emperors, Khagans and Princes of Byzantium, Russ and Bulgar coincide with great accuracy, which makes it possible to identify all the studied personalities with real historical figures. In local chronicles, they have different or identical names, depending on the national characteristics of the nicknames of the studied persons. 07.12.2020–30.01.2021.

Dancing on bones (people losses of USSR in SWW)
We have found out the facts of direct falsification of human losses of military men and civil persons of the USSR within the Second World War in some millions person. Forgery is caused by activity of the propaganda machine of the USSR and false understanding of patriotism in modern Russia. By our calculations true irrevocable losses of the population of the USSR within the SWW make 7.6–8.7 million persons from among military men and the general losses with civil people 12.8–13.9 million persons. Have run away from Stalin paradise of USSR is hundred thousand (up to 1.3 million) the persons. We believe that the name of each victim of war should be taken into account and sounded publicly. 04–18.05.2019.

Expansion of Rome from Volga region
The report at XXXIII International conference on problems of the Civilization, 24.12.2016, Moscow, RosNoU. In the report the extensive information on resettlement of peoples to Europe through ports of Bosporan Kingdom and Bosporus to the Mediterranean from the Volga region, Siberia and Caucasus during existence of Ancient Rome in delta of the rivers Volga and Akhtuba since VI century B.C. up to middle of VI century is submitted. 24.12.2016.

Seleucus and tribal leaders of Rome
The report at scientific XXXI International Conference on problems of the Civilization has acted on December 26, 2015, RosNoU, Moscow, Russia. In the report the hypothesis that "Macedonian" gains of IV century B.C. actually are the first wave of expansion of Ancient Rome and resettlement of peoples on South, East and West from territory of the Volga region and Caucasus is put forward and proved. 26.12.2015.

Picturesque Gospel of Church of Chora (Kariye) in Istanbul
Research of artifacts of Church of the Christ Savior in Chora (Church of Chorus, XIV century, Istanbul) has allowed restoring overlooked nuances of ancient doctrines of Byzantium Orthodoxy. The numerous facts of distortion Holy Book and Holy Legend have been found out at formation of modern Christian canons which at all are not an inviolable reality from above, and there is product of human creativity. 15.09–08.10.2014.

Images ancient Romans from Volga in artefacts
Long millennia in Idel-Rome-Memphis-Mitsraim-Itil-Saray-Batu lived from 600 000 up to one million person. Ruins of city are grandiose pantry of a history, culture and religion. Masonic scientists diligently avoid carrying out there scale excavation. In those places prospers only black selector of treasures. How long it is possible to hide to world elite of impostors true from people? 20-22.04.2010.

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Sixth and other questions New!!!
Why doesn't the ROC want to stop the war? 14.02.2022.

Five questions to the ROC New!!!
The first question: What is the data of the Birth of Christ now? The second question: When and where was Jesus Christ crucified? The third question: When will the Apocalypse begin? Fourth question: Why Tartarus and the Kingdom of The Beast located in Russia? The fifth question: When did Vladimir Putin become the receptacle of the Beast? 24-27.01.2022.

The Prophet Muhammad and the Quran
Based on an independent analysis of artifacts, ancestral tree and astronomical phenomena related to the deeds, life and death of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as historical evidence of the first appearance and legal use of the Quran in the life of Muslims, the author drew conclusions about the integration of several historical figures of the VII and XII centuries into the personality of the Prophet Muhammad. They became Khagan Kubrat, aka Emperor Heraclius, the Arabian Prophet or Caliph of the Rashidun Caliphs and the true Prophet Muhammad, who lived in 1090–1052. The Quran was created in 1130–1152. The proposed interpretation does not undermine the canons of the faith of Islam, but establishes the truth. 11–30.11.2021.

Syncing the chronicles of Rome and Egypt
Based on a thorough analysis of details of military campaigns and astronomical phenomena from the chronicles of Ancient and New Rome, Ancient Egypt and Persian sources, the author confirmed the chronological shift in the history of Ancient Egypt by 1780 years in the past. The author also revealed the complot of historians to conceal the existence of Ancient Egypt in I millennium by masking the deeds of the Egyptian Pharaohs of the New Kingdom for the non-existent activity of the Kings of the Sasanian Empire. 06–29.03.2021.

The identification of the Patriarchs with historical figures
The author correctly identifies the Patriarchs of monotheistic religions with historical figures of the past based on the paradigm of a short chronology of the world and linking events to unique celestial phenomena reflected in Chronicles and Scriptural. The identification of the Patriarchs is based on the analysis of data from the genealogical trees of Jesus Christ from Lucas, Matthew, mosaics of the Church of Chora, the genealogical tree of the Prophet Muhammad and lists of the Kings of the Great Bulgaria. 21.07–27.08.2020.

Pure Relationship
We have found out and have proved that at everyone men are two direct lines of Pure Relationship on which in each generation of ancestors he has only one pair pure relatives – the forefather and the foremother. All other ancestors are the listed relatives. We also have proved that each woman has two direct lines of Pure Relationship on which in each generation of ancestors it has only one pair foremothers. On the basis of research we confirm De Facto firmness of the absolute law of succession is rule Lex Salica of Pure Relationship. 05.08 – 03.09.2014.

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  Valery KUBAREV > Modernization of Russia > The European Aryans

The European Aryans

Last two hundred years of western civilization there was actual theme about an Aryan origin of various people and the nations. The historical experience connected to political embodiment of this idea – elite separate ethnos, groups and peoples, has brought to ruin tens millions citizens of all civilized world.

Who such Aryans? The term Aryan race occurs from word of Aryans that on Sanskrit means «worthy, dear, noble». Now this term formulated in XIX century by authors of racial theories, is considered pseudoscientific. It began to be used widely by German national socialists in Germany, and now in Russia use Slavic nationalists.

In the past the Aryan race was meant as subtype of Europid races, more known as Nordic race. The concept was offered Joseph Gobineau [1]. However all over the world instead of the term Europid race is used the term the Caucasian race [2].

Let's consider map of Y-DNA dominating Haplogroup in Europe, made by Robert Gabel (2012). On the basis of the analysis of this card and the known data, we shall consider separate peoples as applicants for role of European Aryans.

Let's start with ancient Greeks. Mostly modern Albanians and Greeks concern to Haplogroup E, Asia (Arabia) occurring territory. Haplogroup E dominates over southern part of the Balkans and southeast part of Apennines among part of Italians, inhabitants of seaside cities. The basic part of men Haplogroup E is Africans – Egyptians, Berbers, African Arabs and other population of black Africa. We shall express the opinion – modern Greeks to ancient Hellenic have no attitude. The Hellenic civilization has been absorbed by barbarians from the east which then through Sinai Peninsula the isthmus and the sea message have mastered the African continent right after the Flood – Accidents of Bronze Age about 1250 BC [3] that happened more recently in the historical plan. The Mediterranean inhabitants have carried out sexual expansion to Africa, destroying local men and forming own harems from captured African women. In result all Africa became genetic descendants of ancestors of modern Arabs and Greeks. Hence, Greeks cannot apply on Aryan preference.

Following people who can be attributed to the European Aryans, we shall name Etruscan. Our researches [4] leaves, that Etruscan move from steppes of Northern Caucasus and the Southern Volga region on Apennines during the basis of Ancient Rome (760th BC). According to hypothesis of the author, Etruscan were ethnic Finn–Ugrian, Haplogroup N. Etruscan asserted, that any people lives no more than 1000 years. The country Etruria has existed prior to the beginning of new era, having left after itself rich cultural heritage and weight of artifacts. The alphabet and the Etruscan letter can be attributed to classic language of Russ which the advanced tribes of the Volga region – successors of Atlantes victims used. Genetic traces Etruscan was dissolved among new immigrants, therefore ancient Etruscan have lost the Aryan ambitions in the remote past.

Haplogroup E

The following in time number prospective Aryans of Europe it is Romans. The traditional history in paints many centuries painted Romans as with demigods and outstanding founders European and world civilization. We shall agree with such treatment of historians. However there is an annoying discrepancy which destroyed grandiose building of historical science. The genetic map of Europe does not find out traces Romans which should live on the ancestral home on Apennines. Historians have placed eternal city to Italy on the river Tiber. They have composed fable about Italic union in which has come Etruscan, Latini and other five tribes of Italy. In due course the union of tribes, say, has formed new people – Romans, is proud also easy grasping all Europe, and then Asia and Egypt. Courageous Roman legions wandered on huge territory, paying in slaves or the vassals the European, African and Asian peoples. Retired legionaries remained on the new grounds, built cities and farms, married and got children. Who are Romans, who are in the genetic plan?

We see Europe is domination Haplogroup Germanic is Europeans R1b and ancient Europeans I1 (Scandinavia) and I2 (Balkans), and also it is little Slavs R1a. Italy is occupied by Europeans Haplogroup R1b, the truth in the south of peninsula Asians and Africans Haplogroup E, and also Near-Eastern Haplogroup J2 dominate.

Haplogroup J2

Distribution Haplogroup on Apennines speaks about settling territory by ethnos of Germanic – Europeans R1b from the north on the south of peninsula. Thus European Haplogroup R1b occurs from the Volga region and Ural, and Asian Haplogroup E and J2 from the Near East and the part Haplogroup J2 has the Caucasian localization. More than 90 % of inhabitants of the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia set of inhabitants of Dagestan and Azerbaijan, and also part of Armenians – carriers of this Y-DNA.

Where have got to 1.5 million ancient Romans and millions citizens of Italic union?

According to our reconstruction of history [3, 4], and also to results of genetic researches of inhabitants of the European continent, any Ancient Rome in the center of Apennines was not, as well as there were no the Roman legions formed on Apennines.

In the articles [4-9] we have proved, that Ancient Rome was in the Southern Volga region on the rivers Volga – Akhtuba. Ancient Bulgarian named city is Ulak Urum (Rum, Rome) [10]. Settling and development of Europe was carried out from the Volga region, Ural and Northern Caucasus, whence there are modern Europeans.

Let's consider an origin of the ancient Europeans concerning to Haplogroups I1 and I2. The first subgroup dominates over Scandinavia and Iceland, there is on the Balkans, Ukraine, Kuban and Northern Caucasus, second subgroup – the basic on the Balkans, Romania and in part at Ukraine.

The DNA-Genealogy asserts, that representatives Haplogroup I have arisen on the Balkans. Below we shall deny these fabrications. In general it would be desirable to notice, that people which are were fond of studying Y-DNA, shut eyes to the real historical processes described in the numerous annals and chronicles, however in chapter of corner put false and underestimated speeds of mutations of the Y-chromosomes sending first ancestors of people on ten’s thousand years in the past. Thus them does not confuse, that ten’s thousand years ago there lived Neanderthal men and Cro-Magnon, and at all the persons Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Spiritual). With the same success they can count the close ancestors of gorillas or macaques.

It agrees on Bulgarian eposes [10], on Northern Caucasus in an antiquity there lived tribes Sabirs (Serbs) who in IV-V centuries have moved to the Balkans and Ukraine, having superseded and then having destroyed Dacians tribes, lived there earlier. Sabirs have been maintained by the others Bulgarian peoples moved to the Balkans and to Europe in days of Great Migration Period in IV–V centuries. Therefore primary ancestors of Serbs, Slovenes, Croats and the Romanian lived on Northern Caucasus and the Volga region. Hence, we identify modern carriers of Y-chromosomes Haplogroup I is part of peoples of Great Bulgaria, located on the Balkans and in the Central Europe during Great Migration Period. Therefore to recognize the present population of these regions as descendants of people of cultures Cardium pottery, Beaker culture, Linear – pottery ceramics and Cucuteni – Trypillian culture – it is incorrect.

Besides in Scandinavia Haplogroup I1 which has appeared there, representatives today dominate over historical chronicles and the Archeological data, only in IX century. Till this time the territory was deserted. Sweden has been formed by the union of three tribes – Swedes, Geats and Veneti. In the annals it is told, that Geats were one of the German tribes (Haplogroup R1b), and Veneti is Slavic tribe (Haplogroup R1a). Therefore Swedes it is representatives of Haplogroup I1. Researches Y-DNA in Scandinavia has completely confirmed historical chronicles.

The phenotype Swedes is world renowned are high shapely blonds, with hair of straw color and bodies of ancient Greek gods. According to legends, ancestors of Swedes have got in Scandinavia from Northern Caucasus, the ancestral home. This information confirm by Bulgarian annals [10] considering Swedes one of Cimmerians tribes, lived on Northern Caucasus and the Black Sea coast.

Haplogroup I

According to our reconstruction of history [3], Ancient Rome settled down on Volga–Akhtuba from which waves immigrants preceded. In II century BC – III century to the Balkans and to the Western Europe the numerous Roman legions were sent, called to grasp the free grounds for the formed Roman Empire. Thus of 90 % of numerical structure of legions were made by Germanic Haplogroup R1b. The aggregate number of legions made only some ten’s thousand person. We shall tell about them below.

In IV century, in 380th the Migration Period in the European historiography First Hun invasion was observed. In conformity from our reconstruction of history [3-9], Huns just also were east Romans, refugees from Ancient Rome on Volga-Akhtuba. City dwellers Bulgarian named Altinbash’s or Latini. Khagan Arbat has deduced from Kuban 600,000 immigrants among whom there were soldiers and civil persons with families and belongings. Religious refugees, Israelis or Kubanites as they named themselves, settled on the Balkans, and the part has moved further to Europe. On our hypothesis the Caucasian peoples have remained on the Balkans (Haplogroup I), and the German tribes Latini have occupied Northern Italy and the Western Europe (Haplogroup R1b).

The similar situation has repeated in V century when across Europe the second wave of Great Migration Period or has passed the Second Hun invasion. Guns tribe has headed Khagan Attila. About this event we have more detailed information. According to our researches [4], the imperial Huns elite were Finn–Ugrian from the Volga region. Commanders of military corps at Attila [11, 12] were Germanic Ardaric, the leader of Gepids (Haplogroup R1b), and Valamir (Valamirus), the leader of Ostrogoths (Haplogroup I).

As result of Huns resettlement to the Balkans "ancient" East Europeans (Haplogroup I) – ancestors of Serbs, Croats, Slovenes and Bulgarians, and also northern Swedes have got. Ancestors the Romanian, Moldavians and Ukrainians to the east have lodged. Romanians used the self-name – Romans, become later in the name of the state. The European historiography indulgently looks on the Romanian which, in opinion of the western scientists, any attitude to Romans have no that there is an erroneous bias.

The European historians confidently assert, that the pair millions of Huns "has disappeared" in Europe. Any cultural and genetic traces of conquerors ostensibly did not remain. This position is error or usual lie. Huns were the Romans consisting from German (Haplogroup R1b) and the Caucasian tribes (Haplogroup I), and only small part of elite – Khagans and military leaders, were Ugrians (Haplogroup N). Ancestors of Slavs yet were not participants of Migration Period as easy lived in Northern China and Mongolia in the Juan Juan Khanate (Khaganate).

Migrants have brought to Europe is specificity of east civilization of Ancient Rome from the Volga region, and also the simplified Latin which serving by means of interethnic dialogue and has received the name Vulgar Latin. Since IV century till XVIII century the state language of many European states, including Germany was Vulgar Latin. National Latin has underlain the majority of the European languages.

Thus, "ancient" European Aryans from Haplogroup I1 and I2 have got to Europe not 15 thousand years ago as "experts" on DNA-Genealogy think, and only 1600 years ago. Therefore all mutations inside Haplogroup I was showed for the period of 2000 years.

Haplogroup I1, I2

Formation of Turkic Khaganate (562-603) in Eurasia has caused the next wave of resettlement of the Caucasian tribes (Haplogroup I) on the West. Defeat Bulgarians and Pannonian Avars from Turkic Khaganate on Caucasus and Central Asia, has led to creation on the European part of former Empire of Attila to Avar Khaganate (562-823). Avar Khaganate has been based by Khagan Bayan, ethnic Ugric from the Kin of Russ, Haplogroup N. We believe that « ancient Europeans » Haplogroup I, i.e. Avars, used the language known nowadays as Slavic language. In number of Bulgarian tribes and the Asvar it was long time kept Bilingualism – Turkic and Slavic. To tell more truly, that it was ancient Russian (Russ – Urus means Great) the language named later Slavic.

Hence, « Ancient Europeans » Haplogroup I it is part of Bulgarian people, ancient Romans, moved in Europe together with the migration caused by expansion of Ancient Rome. We can safely count their European Aryans, understanding, that the antiquity of their people is rather conditional.

Route by Turks Khaganate to Juan Juan (Rouran) Khaganate in 551-555, has caused wave of migration of Mongols to Europe and Balkans. These Mongols belonged to tribes Xianbei and Rouran. On our hypothesis they have joined Avars as had the friendly communications based on similar adverb. About it speak also the Byzantium chronicles. Tribes Xianbei and Rouran became the first Slavs Haplogroup R1a, got on the European continent. On history of the western Slavs we shall look below.

Let's return to Romans and the German tribes. According to the Roman chronicles, up to 90 % of the Roman legionaries had the German origin. Thus legions referred to Roman, and legionaries – as Romans. However the European historiography divides Romans and Germanic though following logic and common sense, Germanic it is Romans. As Germanic is spoke on Vulgar Latin and less on the adverb.

According to our researches [3-9], and also Bulgarian chronicles [10], Germanic it is peoples lived in the Volga region and in Southern Ural. We completely identify Latini and Germanic. Latini at Bulgarian referred to also Altinbash’s because of color of leather and hair. In fact Germanic or Cimmerian were white-faced and red-haired. Cimmerians were association of four Germanic tribes – Bulgarian named them Dout or Four, or Kamirci. They were ancestors of some German peoples – is Goths, Cimbri, Teutons and others, page 11, volume 2 [10]. We shall remind, that all Germanic concern to European Haplogroup R1b.

DNA-genealogist asserts that Haplogroup R1b has arisen 15 thousand years ago in the Central Asia, and then has moved on territory of Southern Ural and Russian plain. We shall note that for substantiation of fantasy ideas about an origin of mankind, practically all European peoples at DNA-genealogists have arisen in the Central Asia, though they have excluded from them ancient Europeans Haplogroup I to prove the theories. Actually there are no the artifacts confirming these hypotheses. However there are archeological finds of settlements, things and burial places on which it is possible to identify primary places of residing of ancestors of Germanic or European Haplogroup R1b.

Haplogroup R1b

Artifacts confirm presence of ancestors of Germans in Yamna culture (the Volga-Ural region) [13], in Elshan culture on the average the Volga region [14] where burial places of men Haplogroup R1b [15] have been found. Ancestors of Germanic lived also in territories of moving ancient Ugric from Mezhovskaya cultures (southern Ural and taiga near Tobol) [16], Cherkaskul cultures [17] and Sintashta cultures [18] in Southern Ural where one of the first in
History of civilization two-wheeled fighting chariots is found out. The question is the cultures dated in II Millennium BC and XIII-IX centuries BC. Historians believe that wheel vehicles and in general wheel have been invented and have received the distribution on the world from Southern Ural.

Who lives now in territory of origin of the German tribes in the Volga region and Southern Ural? There live Bashkirs among whom 87 % of the population concern to Haplogroup R1b.

Bashkirs are successors long turns of ancestors of the European peoples which have left the Volga region during various Epochs owing to the bellicosity, an ingenuity and intolerance to surrounding barbarous nomad tribes.

Modern Bashkiria is located along the river Agidel or White. Etymology of the name Bashkir following. According to D.M. Dunlop [19] ethnonym Bashkort goes back to word forms Beshgur, Bashgur, that is five tribes, five Ugric. As Sh in the modern language, corresponds L in Bulgarian, hence, in opinion of Dunlop, ethnonyms Bashkort (Bashgur) and Bulgar are equivalent. Besides V.N. Tatischev [20] considered, that the word Bashkort means the major wolf.

Bashkiria on the river Agidel (White)

On the other hand, literally word Bulgar will mark Bulg is the wolf, Ar is head or mean Head of the wolf [10]. Accordingly to our reconstruction [3] and Bulgarian chronicles [10], ancient Bulgarian Power Idel (seven tribes), included five Finno-Ugric peoples (Haplogroup N) and two German peoples (Haplogroup R1b) which can be named conditionally Bashkirs, Altinbash’s or Latini. For this reason at all German, Bulgarian and Latin peoples – Germans, Europeans, Latini, Bashkir and Turks – Osman totem the wolf is ancient.

Let's consider migratory stages and moving of Germanic – Bulgarian from the Volga region and Ural. During period II-I centuries BC German tribes of Geats and Gotlander (Gutar) by the ships have risen upwards across Volga, then were forwarded through the river Tvertsa of the Volga region to drag up to the river Tsna and Msta (Black), then across Volkhov, Ladoga and Neva from which have got in the Baltic region. In names Goats, Gutar the origin of name from word Bulgar is caught.

On way on the West for immigrants the largest and convenient island Gotland on which the first colony of Germanic formed was. Then the part from them has mastered southern part of Sweden, and also peninsula Jutland in the future Denmark and the north of Germany. Ptolemy in the articles named these tribes Teutonic and Cimbri (Cimmerians).

Then to Jutes and Goats the tribes of Angles, Saxons and the Friesians which have left the Volga region and Ural have joined. Descendants of friezes have located on the grounds of modern Holland and Germany them soon in beginning I century have joined Batavi (Ancient German tribe). Friesians and Batavi became to modern Dutch is Haplogroup R1b.

At last in III-V century’s Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Friesians began move to British Isles. So there was modern population of the Great Britain, dominating which ethnos of Haplogroup R1b.

River way of the German tribes from the Volga region to Baltic

Where is Bashkir in this story? The answer will surprise many skeptics. According to researches British geneticist Bryan Sykes and Stephen Oppenheimer [21] say Bashkirs are most close relatives of Englishmen.

Let's note that resettlement of the Bulgarian-German tribes on northern route passed not simply, they migrated together with families and subjects of a life in severe conditions of an environment. On the found places of residing they destroyed possible barbarous tribes, leaving themselves women for continuation of kin. In due course the Asian features of inhabitants of Ural and the Volga region have disappeared, getting the European lines under influence of local geophysical conditions. The leather gradually became white and light hair and eyes, and persons ring type began to prevail have exchanged on the oval and pointed forms.

In parallel settling of Europe from the north the sea way, carried out expansion of Ancient Rome from Volga-Akhtuba by southern route. In the work [4] we have proved, that the basic stream of migration from the Volga region and Caucasus went in the sea way through ports Bosporus Empire in Byzantium – Constantinople, whence on sea in any point of the Mediterranean, and also overland way through Moesia (the Danube Bulgaria) and the Balkans. So in II-I centuries up to colonization of the Balkans and the north of Apennines, and also coasts of Azure coast was AD carried out, and then in I-III centuries there was capture of territories of the Central and Western Europe, including Spain and Albion. We shall notice that antique Iberia is Caucasus, instead of modern Spain. Immigrants became the retired or legionaries who were taking as wife local inhabitants and receiving plots of the ground for residing. As we spoke, 90 % of numerical structure of the Roman legions was made by Germanic Haplogroup R1b.

Thus, Teutonic peoples of the Volga Bulgaria migrated to the Western Europe from northern and southern direction. By IV century in the Western Europe there were ethnic groups and the nationalities, ready to be united in the new states. Local residents for some centuries of residing in new territories, felt like old residents and the western Romans. The basic means of interbreeding dialogue in these places became Vulgar Latin. In indigenous people the European tribes all men were gradually destroyed and women took in serve or in marriage.

Images the Bashkir - XIX century and contemporaries

Following, and more mass, stages of settling of the Western Europe the German tribes of steel two waves Huns invasions at the end of IV century and middle of V century. In the articles [3, 4] we have proved, that Huns there were East Romans, left Ancient Rome (Ulak Urum of Bulgarian chronicles) on Volga-Akhtuba on religious motives. Great resettlement of peoples have organized Khagans Finno-Ugric origin from the kin of Russ, called in the Roman chronicles Flavius, on names Arbat (Emperor Theodosius Great) and Attila (Emperor Theodosius II, it is also Flavius Aetius and Khagan Aetcel).

Imperial families and military elite of Huns made Ugric from the Volga region and Ural, the part of horse soldiers also had Ugrian origin Haplogroup N. Other part of horsemen and infantry is Ancient Europeans Haplogroup I, named in the Roman chronicles Ostrogoths (East Goths). So General of Attila was Valamir (Valamirus) [11, 12] with Slavic name. Ancestors of Ostrogoths occurred from Caucasus and the Southern Volga region. It is supposed, that Ostrogoths used classic language of Russ, therefore they freely communicated with Finn-Ugrian and Slavs from Mongolia.

In the first wave of Huns-Romans from Caucasus and the Volga region to the Balkans and Europe have got about 600 thousand immigrants with families and domestic load on araba (the vehicles named so in honor of Khagan Arbat). The second wave of refugees has exceeded the first on number that as whole has made about 1.5 million immigrants. As hypothesis we shall express opinion, that two thirds of refugees Germanic Haplogroup R1b made, and one third Ostrogoths as Ancient Europeans Haplogroup I. Only some percent of refugees were Finn-Ugrian Haplogroup N.

Hence, by end of V century to Europe have got over more than one million the Germanic – Europeans settled from Baltic up to Mediterranean Sea and Pyrenees. They became the basic ethnos of Europe, having superseded or having destroyed primary natives. Thus northern Germanic positioned themselves true Aryans, in comparison with barbarians or the Romans who have come together with the Roman armies or Huns of Attila.

Last wave of migration of Bulgarian-Germanic became resettlement of part of the Bashkir to Lake Balkhash, therefrom they migrated to Asia Minor and to Anatoly, subsequently having formed Ottoman Empire and becoming skeletons of Turkish people. Ancestors of Turks led by Seljuk’s began to penetrate in Anatoly in X-XI centuries that eventually have led to falling of New Rome in 1453 when Sultan Mehmet II Conqueror has grasped Constantinople and has proclaimed it the Keeper of Empty Tomb.

Map of settling of Europe by the German and Alpine tribes, Grant, 1916

Thus, Anglo-Saxons, Dutch, Belgians, French, Spaniards, Italians, Swiss, Austrians, Danes, and also Germanic and Turks – are descendants of Volga Bulgarian tribes and close relatives modern Bashkir. They are united with ethnos of Germanic Haplogroup R1b, born on Southern Ural and East Volga region. This information proves to be true genetic tool researches Y-DNA of millions people, and also linguistic community and historical chronicles.

Imaginations DNA-genealogist about residing Germanic of the Western Europe during neolith and before it (in depth 15 thousand years ago), are simple imposing areas of residing of modern ethnos on cultures of Urnfields [22], of Tumublus [23] and earlier cultures of bronze age [24]. Indigenous natives of Europe have no attitude to modern inhabitants, as have no direct attitude to people from gorilla or chimpanzee.

Let's note, that originally the superiority of the nation was declared by Anglo-Saxons, having based world British Empire, and then the USA. The religious and racial extremism has allowed Anglo-Saxons to create one of the most powerful world empires in history of planet. However Anglo-Saxons have left the Volga region and Southern Ural and are branch of Bulgarian peoples, parts of the Bashkir.

Then the exclusiveness has declared Germans who after Anglo-Saxons have followed the road of civilization. Accordingly, attempts of Hitler and the German nationalists to find the roots in India, Nepal or the Himalayas, had no under itself scientific and historical roots. However the recognition Nazis the ancestral home of the Volga region is the true thesis. Therefore the theory about the racial superiority of Germanic over other European peoples is ridiculous, as Germanic are branch of Bulgarian people, part of the Bashkir in which chapter Millennia stood elite of Finn-Ugric origin.

Nevertheless, Germanic, as well as the western Europeans, can carry themselves to the European Aryans as the part Ancient Rome Emperors had the German origin from the Volga region. Besides Ancient Egypt the dynasty of Pharaohs of the New Empire also has the German roots. Recently it has been investigated DNA of Pharaoh Tutankhamen who appeared the German Haplogroup R1b. For modern historiography this fact is nonsense, however, actually, Pharaoh Tutankhamen goes back to dynasty of Emperors Gordianus – Gracchi, natives of the Volga region, but centuries living pair in Egypt. According to our researches [3], the Upper Egypt was in Africa on Nile, and the Lower Egypt was on island Akhtuba in the Volga region. Pharaoh Tutankhamen corrected not in dense centuries, and in 442-450 of our era, therefore so his mummy and tomb was well kept.

Haplogroup R1a

Let's consider aspects of an origin of Slavs which last years have attended to the Aryan origin, applying on the special status in family of European peoples, and also putting forward claims for world leadership.

Slavic nationalists, such as Doctor of Chemistry A.A. Klyosov or Prof. A.G. Dugin, were ratified in idea of exclusiveness, due to modern residing on Russian plain and north of Russia, ranking themselves to ancient inhabitants of Europe and Hyperborean. However tool researches DNA unequivocally deny these imaginations. Thus utopians from DNA-genealogy assert that the forefather of Slavs Haplogroup R1a was born 22800 years ago in the Altay region [25]. We believe that ageing of dating is caused by understating speeds of mutations of Y-chromosome.

Slavic pseudo scholars in the numerous literatures try to draw for ears relationship of Slavs with ancient cultures of Bronze Epoch in Europe, such as cultures of fighting axes, Urnfields culture, Yamna culture, Andronovo culture and others which in any way have been not connected to these. Thus it is absolutely precisely proved, that ancestors of Slavs and markers Haplogroup R1a are found out on place of existence Rouran Khaganate (330-555).

Altai and Sayan

The question is the following ancient cultures:

1. Karasuk culture – archeological culture of a bronze age (end of II – beginning of I millennium BC) in Southern Siberia and Kazakhstan. The village Bateni in area Bograd area of Republic Khakassia, territory of Sayan Mountains and Altai [26, 27] is named on excavation of reference monuments on the river Karasuk (inflow of Yenisei) near.

2. Pazyryk culture – archeological culture of the Iron Age (VI-III centuries BC), basic which finds of subjects have been made in Mountain Altai and Sayan Mountains. Carriers of this culture lived in adjacent territories of Kazakhstan, Russia (plateau Ulagan, Ukok) and Mongolia [28, 29].

3. Tagar culture – archeological culture of an epoch of bronze and iron (VIII-III centuries BC), it is named on toponym is Island Tagarsky on the river Yenisei [30]. It located in Minusink hollow, East and the Western Sayan Mountains.

4. Tashtyk culture – archeological culture of Southern Siberia of the Iron Age (II century BC – V century), Khakassia, Sayan Mountains [31] is located in the Yenisei region. It is identified with the Yenisei Kirghiz.

Carriers of specified cultures and man's chromosomes Haplogroup R1a are found physically out in ancient burial places, such as Glazkov necropolis on Angara in Irkutsk [32], mountain Afontov on coast of Yenisei in Krasnoyarsk [33] and at Tarim mummies [34]. The last were well kept in droughty conditions of desert Taklamakan (these are burial grounds Gumugou, Syaohe, Ayala Mazar) in Xinjiang – Uygur Autonomous Region of China. Mummies are dated the first centuries of our era from Loulan Kingdom.

Nature of Sayan

The analysis of places of occurrence of the first ancestors of men Haplogroup R1a speaks about localization of these in regions of Sayan Mountains and Altai. This territory is located in place of crossing of borders of Russia, Mongolia and China. The question is modern regions of Russia is Republic Altai, Republic Khakassia and Republic Tuba (Tuva).

On these grounds the Yenisei Kirghiz lived in the past. Ancient Kirghiz are considered as modern historians Turkic people, related Dingling, living in area of Sayan Mountains and Altai. The Yenisei Kirghiz believe ancestors of Khakases, Kirghiz, Altai people, Fuyu Kirghiz and Saryg-Uugur. Thus Tuvans whom historians also count Turkic people live in the center of an area of occurrence of the Yenisei Kirghiz, the ancient self-name of these is Sayons [35]. Hence, Tuvans or Sayons are branch of the Yenisei Kirghiz.

Researches of Y-chromosomes at men Haplogroupы R1a have shown that among Kirghiz the quantity of Slavs exceeds 64 %, at Altai people more than 38 %, at Khakases and Tuvans more than 53 % [36]. In what image of Kirghiz and others have written down in Turkic peoples? Only on the basis of used of Turkic language. Actually the Yenisei Kirghiz is direct ancestors of Slavs and Turkic adverbs they began to use after enthrallment Turkic Khanate in 550th. Before they lived in Rouran (Juan Juan) Khaganate.

It is interesting, that they did not name themselves Kirghiz. The Turkic self-name of one of branches of Kirghiz is Sajons. How still they called themselves? A question is rhetorical. The answer is perfectly known for all. The self-name of the Yenisei Kirghiz it Sayon. In fact there are they from Sayan Mountains. Who does not know geography, we shall remind, that the Big and Small Yenisei proceed in foothills of Sayan Mountains. The word at Mongols means Sayan Mountains is white.

Tuvans or Soyons

Therefore the name of Sayan Mountains was transformed in all knowns word Slavs (Slavyan)!

In the article we have traced ways of migration of Slavs (Slavyans) from Sayan Mountains worldwide [37-39]. Sayans – Slavs it is unique people which has managed in the compressed historical terms to occupy huge territories. It became possible due to their sexual aggression from which surrounding tribes tried to struggle.

Let's consider history of occurrence and migration of Slavs in days of the ambassador of the Flood or Accident of Bronze Age about 1250 BC.

The Chinese chronicles have described northern people Juan (Xirong, Rong), lived on northern approaches to China. It were people with light eyes and the dense red beards typical Europid. Such attributes were traced up to III-IV centuries. However after that Mongoloid the type became prepotent [40]. In opinion of Chinese, Rongs concerned to the Yenisei Kirghiz. They lived in spurs of Altai and Sayan Mountains, and also in adjacent territory of Northern China.

In due course on the grounds of Altai, Sayan Mountains and the Inner Mongolia people Rongs, becoming the historical and genetic successor ancient of Juan was generated. We believe that Rongs as whole were genetically homogeneous ancestors of Slavs, Haplogroup R1a. Number of Rongs was rather great – some hundred’s thousand person [41]. The basic religions of Slavs were Shamanism and Tengrism.

Let's consider etymology of words Rong and Juan. In Latin transcription it is written as Juan – Ivan. Probably Juan is literally people of Ivan’s. However the traditional historiography speaks that Rouran this offensive nickname, meaning kowtowing insects. Besides Juan-Juan it was written in the Chinese language as Tantan – Tatar or Tartar [42]. Historians consider that the name of Mongols as Tatars (Tartar) occurs on behalf of Khan Tatar (414-429) of Rouran Khaganate. About 402 in Khaganate have entered Supreme Title Khagan instead of Title Khan. These two names, Tatar Khan and Tatar (Mongol), are written down by identical hieroglyphs. Therefore since times Rouran (Juan Juan) Khaganate native population began to name Mongols, Tatars and Tatar-Mongols. Thus we know that they named themselves Sayan or Slavs. Therefore terms the Tatar-Mongolian invasion or the Slav-Mongolian invasion is the identical.

Mummies of ancestors Sayan - Slavs - Rourans - Tatars, the beginning of new era

It is interesting to note the fact, that Juans counted itself of one origin with people Toba or Tuvans [43], i.e. Tuvans that is not surprising, in fact Tuvans live at sources of Yenisei in Sayan Mountains and name itself "Soyons" or "Sayan". Hence, these facts confirm our hypothesis about the self-name of the Yenisei Kirghiz – Tuvans is Sayans, Slavs (Slavyans on Russian).

We are convinced that during old times Juans, Rourans and the Yenisei Kirghiz spoke in ancient language of Russ, named then wrongly Slavic. In same language Ancient Europeans Haplogroup I or Ostrogoths spoke and also Ugrian form Ural and Volga region. After defeat from Turks in VI century, Rouran and adjacent tribes began to use Turkic language and in their speech was kept bilingualism, reached up to now.

Let's result citations from our article [39]:

In compliance with a source [44], Beishi, chapter 98; Veishu, chapter 103, 391–556 of history Juan Juan describing the period, Khagane Juan called the first Muguluj, and his son – Guyluhoj. If to cast away the Chinese accent names Migulja and Gluhoj (Deaf person) will turn out. The third Khagane of Juan–Slavs called Shelun (it can read on – Chines, as in Russian).

Chinese have depicted first Slav Migulju [44]:

« Even at the end of reign Shen–Juan–Di [from house Sjanbi–Toba previous to dynasty Yuan – Vej] roundabout have taken one slave at whom hair were level with eyebrows and which did not remember neither name, not the nickname. The owner of it had name Muguluj, and Miguluj means: bald »

In the same place:

« On death Muguluj, his son Gujluhoj, the person brave and strong, the first has collected aimag, and has given it name Jeujan or Juan»

At top of glory Rouran Khaganate reached from the Sea Aral up to Pacific Ocean, borrowing territories of modern Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Northern China. From the West to it adjoined friendly Pannonian Avars Khaganate where Ostrogoths and part of Bulgarian spoke on adverbs of old language of Russ.

Steppe belt of Eurasia and Wild (Cumans) Steppe

In 550th at Rouran Khaganate problems have begun. Turkic tribes living in his territory have lifted revolt against Juan-Sayan-Slavs and have decided to overthrow conquerors alien to them. In result in 552 the Turks have broken Royran army therefore Khagan Anaguy has committed suicide. In 555 the Turks have connected 3000 Rouran men, have chopped off him heads from which have combined pyramid. Turks have left alive Rouran women, children and the young man. Then they have mixed Rouran and Turks in proportion of 50 % on 50 %, having created new incorporated Turkic people [10].

The most part survived Juans ran on the West along breadth on steppe open spaces of Eurasia. A part of Mongols – Slavs Hephthalite Empire (408-577) settled in Central Asia [45], western neighbor of Rouran Khaganate in territory friendly him. Hephthalite people frequently call white Hun. Refugees have made basis of future peoples of Uygur, Tajik, Kirghiz, Pashtun and Baloch. Gradually Rouran – Slavs began to penetrate on territory of modern Pakistan and India where actively carried out sexual expansion. The share of the Slavic population in Tajikistan, Kirghizia and Afghanistan today makes from 51 up to 64 percent. We shall notice that they do not name themselves Slavs or Sayan, but actually belong to Haplogroup R1a [39].

For the first time in history Rouran have appeared in Europe on the Balkans in 551 that is described in chronicles of New Rome by historian Theophanes [46]. From now on the nationality of Slavs became the subject of the Byzantium and European annals.

« In the same year the great variety Huns and Slavs has appeared in Thrace, and they have done some fighting Thrace, and many have killed and have taken prisoner »

In the same place, 576:

« Commentiol has unintentionally attacked barbarians, set of them has interrupted, the others has banished. And rich up to Adrianople, has met with Ardagast which conducted set of Slavs with extraction, and, having attacked him, extraction has taken away and has gained great victory »

In the same place, 583:

« For other day three Slavs without any iron armor, with one only psaltery has been seized by Romans. Tsar asked, whence they and where live. They answered, that they it come Slavs, and there live at edge the western oceans. Khagane has sent to them ambassadors and gifts to their ancestors that they together with it were at war against Romans. And chiefs of Slavs have sent them to answer Khagane, that owing to range of a way cannot send it auxiliary group. These Slavs spoke that they went 18 months while at last were came into the hands Romans. They spoke, that carry psaltery and not able to clothe in an armor because the country of them does not know some iron »

In the same place, 585:

« Ardagast has dismissed crowds of Slavs for robbery, among night it was forwarded through Istr (Danube, the author) and has unintentionally attacked on Ardagast. Ardagast, felt a trouble, has jumped on not dress horse and hardly could it be rescued. Romans, having interrupted set of Slavs, having devastated all country Ardagast, and having taken away set captured, have sent them to Byzantium at means Tatimer »

Juan Juan or Slavic Khaganate

The period of capture of the Balkan grounds was prolonged by Slavs with 551 till 594. It has coincided with dates of formation Avars Khaganate (562-823). We spoke, that Avars were friendly tribe Rouran and they have together suffered from Turkic Khaganate.

Except for the Byzantium sources, about Slavs the Arabian authors [47] much wrote. The name of Slavs the Arabs practically coincides with their Chinese name – Jeans (like Juan). In those days Slavs frequently capturing and got in slavery. There was special name of the goods - Hadam, it were servants – eunuchs of Slavic origin. So the Arabian source writes [48]:

« Known clauses of the income in Andalusia – slaves from [number] of girls and the young men inverted in slavery in [country] of francs and Galicia, Slavic servants and everyone who is on the ground from Slavs – eunuchs. In fact who arrives to Andalusia, those nearby castrate, and dealers – Jews act so with them»

In the Western Europe the destiny of Slavs was not more sweet. There them used as servants and slaves, from here there was West-European word the Slave.

Rouran-Slavs-Sayan began to be made multiple copies actively on the Balkans and in the Central Europe. In result their number has sharply increased, that has led to falling Avars Khaganate on which place there was first European state of Slavs – Great Moravia (823-907). From Great Moravia Slavs began to move on territory of modern Germany, Poland and Ukraine. In IX-X centuries Slavs began to accept Christianity – Catholicism and Orthodoxy. In 862 Cyril and Methodius, cousins of Rurik, arrived to Moravia where have engaged in creation of the Slavic alphabet and translation Holy Scripts. In result, on the basis of Russ language the Church Slavonic writing [50.] Cyril has been created and Methodius has copied the Scripts and Church, prayer books in Church Slavonic language. Even Pope Adrian II has ratified Church Slavonic language as liturgical language, and the transferred books ordered to put in the Roman churches. It is known also, that kings of France up to the end of XVIII century swore on the Bible written in Church Slavonic language.

In 896 Great Moravia has intruded by Ugrian from the Volga region under management of Khagan Almush [10, 49], nephew of Rurik. In result in the center of the Slavic state there was Hungarian Kingdom. Prostrate Slavs ran in territory of the adjacent states on the north and the North – East. So the western Slavs for the first time have got to Baltic, the Kiev Russia and the Novgorod Russia in X century. The part of Slavs together with Swedes left to Scandinavia therefrom together with Vikings, have got to Iceland and on the north of British Isles.

Now Slavic propagation names Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, the Romanian, Yugoslavs and Bulgarian like Slavs. However actually this definition is true only for Poles, among which 51 % of Slavs, but the others are the Finn-Ugric and Europeans. Other "Slavic" peoples of the East Europe those are not, as among them Slavs less than 25 % of the population. The most part from them is Ancient Europeans the Haplogroup I1, and smaller part is Finno-Ugrian the Haplogroup N and Europeans the Haplogroup R1b.

After X-XII centuries moving of the western Slavs across Europe stops, they are equipped on grounds won at local Finno-Ugric and German native tribes, and become part of the population of the western civilization. Any claims for the exclusiveness never stated, empires did not create.

We already wrote [3, 51] that Slavophil’s – Romanov’s House and Soviet historians in the theories and compositions shamelessly give out Christianization of Finno-Ugric peoples in IX-XI centuries, carried out by their own elite – it come from Russ – Rurikovich for « peace Slavic colonization ».

Whence in Russia east Slavs have appeared?

Real Slavonization of Russ and modern Russia is connected to one of the most darks period of our history – the Tatar-Mongolian or Slavic-Mongolian invasion of Genghis Khan Times. We have shown above, that terms "Tatar" and "Slav" are identical, in fact the question is about Juan Juan (Tatars) and Tuvans, and also their general ancestors the Yenisei Kirghiz. Tuvans named themselves "Sayon", therefore the self-name of Tatars from Mongolia – Sayans or Slavs.

Haplogroup R1a

The traditional history from which we here completely agree, marks, that in Russia during Yoke have taken place decline of construction from stone and disappearance of complex crafts, such as manufacture of glass ornaments, Limoges enamels, Niello, Granulations, Polychrome irrigation ceramics. The academician Rybakov speaks [52]:

« Russia has been rejected back for some centuries, and those centuries when the shop industry of the West passed to an era of primitive accumulation of capital, Russian craft industry should pass again part of that historical way which has been done up to Batu Khan »

The doctor of historical sciences B.V. Sapunov says [53]:

« Tatars have destroyed about third of all population of Ancient Russia. Considering, that then in Russia lived about 6-8 million person, has been killed not less than two – two and half. The foreigners passing through southern areas of the country, wrote, that practically Russia is transformed into dead desert, and such state on map of Europe is not present more »

We have in detail described process of occurrence of plenty of Slavs on the grounds of Russia [51, 54]. The essence of it consists in sexual expansion of east Slavs - Rouran, Uygur, Kirghiz, Tajiks, Pashtun, Mongols and other soldiers of invaders. These armies annually came to Russia behind gathering of tribute there were also indicative military actions on punishment of disobedient princedoms. For 300 years of the Slavic-Mongolian yoke of hundred thousand Russian women have been raped by newcomers. In result light Finno-Ugrian women gave birth children, who through pair of generations became indiscernible with other population of Russia.

Illegitimate children received the name "Izgoi, derelicts" [55], i.e. people which have lost communication with community. For example, in Novgorod Birch letter No. 789 the derelict is mentioned Doman, Tudorov izgoi (derelict). In modern Russian the word "derelict" means deprived any rights in number to itself similar, pursued or ignored "stranger". Derelicts were in families of priests, merchants, lackeys and even Princes. Dross of social society was squeezed out on residence in Wild (Kipchaks, Cumania) steppe. She was deserted and borrowed huge territory from the West from Dnepr and Donbas, southern areas of Russia down to Volga in the East. Now it is black-soil belt of Russia. Genetically the population of these territories on 80 % will consist of Slavs the Haplogroup R1a.

Communities of derelicts conducted beggarly life. Absence of culture of cultivation of the ground, the state experience of management and limitation of lexicon, and also presence Shamanism, did inhabitants of Kipchaks steppe by the present savages, unable to perceive achievements of civilization.

Growth on southern boundaries of Russia of the barbarous population compelled Rurikovich, and then Romanovs to accept acts on restriction of the rights and freedom of descendants of derelicts. The serf slavery for isolation and restrictions of moving of objectionable persons from here has appeared. Above serfs put nobleman whom at the very least supervised over communities of derelicts, training them to conduct facilities and accustoming to Christianity. However the serfdom was not on northern grounds Finno-Ugrian and Turks of the Volga region, and also Ural. Only per 1861 the serfdom has been cancelled, that has led to sharp impoverishment and ruin of the peasants unable independently to conduct facilities. Have been released more than 23 million peasants, descendants of derelicts and Slavs, or third of population of Russia. Through hundred Slavs with superfluous years made already half of population of the USSR. Their quantity has grown three times. Thus number of native Finno-Ugric peoples strongly has not grown.

East Slavs - Sayans - Tatars: Kirghiz, Tadjiks, Pashtuns, Uzbeks and Hindus

In the beginning of XX century Russian Empire has undertaken the big efforts on resettlement of the Slavic population to Ural, Siberia and the Far East. During the Soviet construction and industrialization of the USSR the country population has got in large cities, and also became part of migratory streams on new buildings in uninhabited parts of the country. In result the picture of violent mixture native the Finno-Ugric population of Russia with Slavs of Cumania steppe when the quantity of the Slavic population began to reach 70-80 % was showed. Thus descendants of derelicts live in modern Russia from east Slavs mostly, and ethnic western Slavs represent small ethnic group. Besides the western Slavs are much more advanced in cultural and civilization sense as have in historical luggage advantage before east brothers in 700 years of civilization.

In XVI - XIX centuries an army of Rouran-Sayan-Slavs has got on territory of Pakistan and India where the state of Great Mughals has been created. Mughals professed an Islam and were engaged in sexual violence above local native population. For the period of 1526-1852 the quantity official and illegitimate Slavic – Mongolian population Haplogroup R1a has reached 30 % of all population of India or more than 400 million persons. Thus the quantity of Slav among Pashtun and Baloch people makes 70 %, Punjab people 80 % and the top castes of 72 %. There is an opinion that member of the top castes of India it is descendants of Aryan. However reference of ethnic Slavs to Aryans among Hindus is deep mistake and provocation.

Thus, claims of the Slavic population of Russia for select and Aryan origin do not maintain any criticism. Slavs it is descendants of Rouran – Tatars – Sayan or the Yenisei Kirghiz, natives of mountain regions of Altai, Sayan Mountains, and also desert of Mongolia and Northern China. The Yenisei Kirghiz cannot be attributed to Aryans, and furthermore – to the European Aryans as they have the Asian origin.

In total Slavs – Sayans Haplogroup R1a in the world is about 850 million persons. It is the second ethnos on number after Han Chinese 1150 million persons. From Slavs of 100 million persons Orthodox and atheists, 57 million Catholics and Protestants, 272 million Moslems in Central Asia and 421 million Moslems, Hinduisms and Shamanisms. Slavs on the number and Bible representations borrow niche of Mongols and Gog and Magog people whom are actually.

Populists of Slavic theories use at the argument of an antiquity of Slavs the ridiculous facts, attributing to ancestors of Slavs of burial place of Aurignacian cultures [56] in Kostyonki (the Voronezh area). Ostensibly was found skeletons and subjects of life Cro-Magnon, but artifact is Slavic culture. Actually as Cro-Magnon, as Neanderthal men, as gorillas or chimpanzee also to modern people correspond.

Empire of Great Mughal, India - Pakistan

Thus we notice the dangerous political tendency on assignment by Slavs historical, religious and cultural heritage of native Finno-Ugric Haplogroup N and Turk-German Haplogroup R1b Ethnos. Achievements of true descendants of Hyperborean became change in hands of the Slavic nationalists who are not having experience of the state construction and management, except for sad and fratricidal communistic mode. Utopian ideas began to dominate among the Slavs who are doing not wish normally to work and accumulate products work through generations, but preferring to redistribute another's riches to own advantage.

Experience of creation of British Empire and Hitler Germany should cool the hot Slavic heads dreaming of select and an Aryan origin. The Nazism in Slavs Russia can lead to revival of Fascism and the subsequent destruction of the country, as uniform multinational state, through world war and armed resistance of civilized community by it projects.

Let's pass to brief review DNA of Jews which ranks itself to the god to the elected people, ostensibly to the most ancient to histories of the Earth. Research Y-DNA of Jews has proved that the antiquated history of Torah carries legendary, instead of actual character [57]. Jews do not occur from one forefather Abraham, and form people Jews, consisting on man's line of tens completely various Ethnos or Haplogroup.

Looking to distribution Haplogroups among Jews of Israel in 2014[51]:

Haplogroup J1c3d - 17.3 %,
Haplogroup E1b1b1 - 18.2 %,
Haplogroup J2a4 - 16.3 %,
Haplogroup R1b - 14.9 %,
Haplogroup I - 3.9 %,
Haplogroup Q1b - 3.6 %,
Haplogroup J2b - 4.2 %,
Haplogroup G (G1, G2a, G2c) - 7.5 %,
Haplogroup R2 - 1.6 %,
Haplogroup R1a1 - 7.9 %,
Haplogroup T1 - 3.1 %,
Haplogroup E1 (xE1b1b1) - 1.4 %.

Accordingly, in each country lived or live own Jews, uniform in the religious belief, but various on ethnic structure. Third of Jews is descendants of Palestinians, the quarter of Jews is descendants of Germanic and Slavs, and the fifth part – descendants of inhabitants of the Mediterranean. It is interesting, that among Jews ethnic Finn-Ugric is not present. In connection with motley ethnic structure to named Jews as European Aryans is not obviously possible.

Finno-Ugric tribes of the central Russia

In the conclusion we shall consider Finno-Ugric ethnos Haplogroup N. The Finno-Ugric unite itself smaller part advanced civilized tribes and peoples, and mostly undeveloped and limited populations of people living in severe conditions of the Eurasian north. According to the theory of evolution and our opinion, advanced essences can appear not in the warm countries and continents, but only in regions where struggle for survival is necessary at the limited natural resources. Not without reason Aryans lived in myths of Ancient Greece and Rome in Hyperborean, that means literally on the Far North. Hyperborean corresponds to territories of Scandinavia, all northern part of Eurasia and Russian plain. Who lives in these grounds? These are people as Suomi, Finns, Karelian, Pomors, Perm, Samoyedic and others. Northern Aryans live from Atlantic and Scandinavia (Finns), down to Japan and Pacific Ocean (Ainu people).

However, the civilization has arisen not in so severe conditions. She has appeared, according to our reconstruction of history [3] and Kurgan hypothesis of Marija Gimbutas [58-61] in the Central Volga region and Ural. We believe that the Paradise garden has been located about Lake Pleshcheevo and Lake Nero, the rivers Nerl and Kubra, absolutely near to Volga – Itil or Ra as named the river in an antiquity. Toponym "ner-" corresponds to the ancient Ugrian lake-river term. In these places artifacts of Fatyanovo–Balanovo culture [62] dated III-II Millennium BC are found. By our calculations Eden has been created more 5500 years ago. Eden garden have lodged the God Father and seven female hominids, collected on Bryan Sykes [63] from the Mediterranean and the Black Sea region. The women named in myths Berehynia (Russia), Pleiades (Greece), Frey (Scandinavia) or Suzuki (Japan) have given birth to first 12 children from whom there were ten boys and two girls. From these first individuals of the person also there was sort of human.

Written sources from the first human civilization generated in the Southern Volga region and in Ural, and also in the Caspian region, have not reached us. The Greek historians named this state Atlantis. Atlantis was lost during man-made Flood about 1250 BC, called in an official historiography Accident of Bronze Age [64]. During antediluvian times there were three civilized regions – Hyperborean in the north of Russia, Atlantis in the Volga region both in Ural, and through Scythian Ocean (nowadays West Siberian plain) – D’Arya [3]. Written sources Atlantis have not reached our time or are not found yet. However in Russia there were ruins of cities and weight of artifacts of times Atlantis, for example town in Ural the type Arkaim [65]. Inhabitants of Atlantis were ethnic Ugrian, Haplogroup N, and also A and B. All these Haplogroups concern to Ethnos of northern Aryans.

During the Flood the most part of civilization was lost from shock wave at the Scythian Ocean, caused by the phenomenon Over-Kiel [3] or catastrophic turn of planet concerning of ecliptic plane with change of geographical and magnetic poles. After the Flood has survived part of native Finno-Ugric northern tribes on Kola Peninsula (Hyperborean), northern Ural and Eastern Siberia, and also east party of Ural. These tribes again were settled along Volga, having formed the union of seven peoples – Idel [10], other variant of pronunciation is Itil. This state formation in the Greek and Roman sources referred to Italic Union. Finno-Ugric and future German tribes have joint it. They were friendly the survived Atlantis colony in the Mediterranean is the Troy.

Great Israel - Great Bulgaria, 650th

Earlier we have shown, that peoples of Italic Union were not dissolved in Roman Empire on Apennines, they there even never were, and have remained on the grounds in the Volga region [66]. In Bulgarian chronicles the legend about the founder of Rome – Romulus which did not have brother Remus is described, but it has rescued red steppe female wolf [10], living only in the Caspian region. The child called the Mog – uly (Mowgly at Kipling) or the Son of Wolf who became the first tsar of Rome or Ulak Urum as it named Bulgarian, in 753 BC. Rome has been based near to fortress White Walls (Alba Longo), therefore Romans in the Volga region also called Altinbash’s (Latini).

Owing to cult of the wolf in the Volga region in Itil, inhabitants of region began to name themselves Bulgarian. Bulgar "wolf – head", i.e. head of the wolf literally means. Therefore Latini, Etruscan, Germanic and in general inhabitants of the Volga region esteemed the red wolf who began totem to them. In particular one of tribes of Italic Union were Berendey, known of the Roman history as Volsci is Neuri or Naibury (new wolves on Bulgarian). The list of Italic (Itil) tribes and them Bulgarian original names are resulted in the Table No. 1 [66].

The imperial kin of Rome goes from Trojan tsar Aeneas whom we identify as Pharaoh Menes [3]. His son has based fortress White Walls (Alba Longo, the Aneb-Hetch) on the White river, is modern Akhtuba, about 1152 BC. The second variant of localization of fortress White Walls on the river Agidel (White) in modern Bashkiria is possible. Therefore the history northern Aryans – Ugric goes back to times after the Flood or Accident of Bronze Age about1200 BC, which does by their most ancient European people, the lineal heir Hyperborean and Atlantis.

According to our reconstruction of history [3], all Patriarchs of mankind and the Holy Family, and also Prophet Mohammed are ethnic Ugric is Tsars and Khagans an initial imperial kin from the Volga region. This information proves to be true by Bulgarian annals [10]. Documentary we have identified real historic figures of the period of two Millenia with Patriarchs of Abrahamic religions, and also the Roman Emperors. The received data are tabulated in Table No. 2 [67].

Let's note, that Jews any attitude to Patriarchs of mankind have no [57], Judaism there is the secondary religion based on loans from Christian history of Finno-Ugric, German, European and Slavic peoples. Territorially great Israel or Great Bulgaria settled down in the Volga region, Caucasus, Crimea, Balkans, East Europe, and Minor Asia and in part in the Near East.

Let's result examples of widely known historical characters which were ethnic Ugric Haplogroup N and became Emperors, Prophets and Patriarchs of mankind. Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar August Germanicus (37-68) has Ugrian lake-river toponyms "ner-" in name. Further, Khagan Tash Bash (7/9-153) is more known as Emperor Titus Vespasianus Flavius, in the Bible has got under name Abraham. Khagan Arbat (345-402), in New Rome became Emperor Theodosius Great, on January 19, 379 received military rank Dux Moesiae, in the Bible has got as Dux Moses. Great Khagan Kubrat (570/574-653/665) it is Emperor Heraclius Augustus Flavius, in the Bible it is known as Tsar David. Virgin Mary (961-1060) is the daughter of Grand Prince Vladimir – Basil and Empress Anna Macedonian. Prophet Mohammed (1090-1152) is the author of the Quran from Rurik kin.

Domination of Finno-Ugric elite in the world comes to an end in XVI-XVII centuries when Ivan Terrible authoritative actions have destroyed economic power of Rurikovich. The genocide untied against Ugrian, has brought to ruin more than 700 families of Rurik descendants. Mistakes in struggle for authority of Russian Princes in Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth also have led to loss of authority by descendants of Rurikovich, and intestine aggressive wars of Swedish branch of Rurikovich – the kin Vase directed against Russia and Poland, have caused final loss of imperial thrones by Rurikovich. Besides Ivan Terrible for Volga region and Siberia Khanates, have discharged of authority of descendants of senior branch of Rurikovich – Saklan’s dynasties and descendants of Genghis Khan.

Thus, the most ancient Aryan kin of Ugrian Haplogroup N have lost the imperial authority above huge territories of Eurasia, having conceded in world competitive struggle to descendants of royal families of the German tribes Haplogroup R1b. In result Ducal German families have received royal regalia and began to rule in the Great Britain, Scandinavia, Western Europe and Russia. Simultaneously descendants of Turks – Bashkir Haplogroup R1b ruled in New Rome – Ottoman Empires since 1453.

We have briefly described history, moving and results of activity of the most ancient Aryans of Europe. Revolutions, development of democracy, general equality, rights and freedom of the person have led to loss of leading positions of Aryans, having deprived with their economic, political and religious levers on transformation of planet, that as whole has caused global crisis, overdrive mankind in historical impasse and opened an epoch of world wars.

Grand Prince, Prof. Dr.
Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev
25.02.2017 – 24.03.2017.

Displacement of Ethnoses - Haplogroups on map of Europe

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